Sales Advisory & Change Delivery

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North Star offer Sales Advisory & Change Delivery consultancy, enabling clients to drive revenue, profit and sustainable growth.

A common question we are posed by business owners, leaders and managers developing their sales function is: “Where have all the true hunters and deal-makers gone?!”

Whether you are selling a physical product, software or technology services, to achieve significant and sustainable growth and hit sales targets, you need the right people in the right sales seats; coupled with the correct strategy, approach and expectations. North Star works with you to devise and implement the correct sales strategy to ensure that your sales personnel can succeed and deliver.

North Star understand sales. Our firm is managed by Kenny McAllister, a sales professional and leader with almost thirty years hands-on experience of selling in technology, professional services, staffing and consultancy.

What Do We Know?


  • As a main board member (Managing Director) of a management team floating a fast-growing professional services business on AIM and the London Stock Exchange, Kenny McAllister (KM) was instrumental in ensuring that Abacus was the fastest growing UK share for two years in succession. KM’s division (Operations, Technology & Sales for Banking & Buy-side) grew in revenue from £1.2M pa to £11.5M pa in four years with an ROI of around 16%;
  • Subsequently, KM has launched new teams and product groups for a wide range of companies. Such ventures have succeeded thanks to an attractive proposition for clients, correct pricing, an executable go-to-market plan, realistic revenue and profit projections and the right sales people in place working together to plan.


  • KM has successfully rescued a failing project services firm (software project management and delivery), taking control at a crisis point when the business was in breach of its banking covenant and unable to pay their suppliers or staff;
  • KM has turned an insolvent search business (‘headhunting’ firm) around. Tough decisions were taken regarding five separate offices, including closing two of the three loss-making locations. As a result, the business returned to break-even and profit within two years after seven consecutive years of accumulated losses.

Change to Drive Growth

  • Most recently, KM has delivered a successful programme of sales change to an £8M Microsoft Partner and Reseller with Hardware, Software, Services (IT Support) and Print & Document Management teams. The project involved a detailed review of the client’s sales leadership, people and capabilities, KPI matrices and target-setting, performance management, operations, CRM and back-office process. All aspects were reviewed and improved, from cold calling at desk level to vendor and partner relationships and the future growth of the firm.


North Star will work with you to review, understand and re-align your strategic sales approach to see demonstrable improvements in your business performance.

We believe in a holistic and real-world approach to understanding your business and sales functions, your short, medium and long-term goals and your current sales offering. We always recommend the following:

  • A sanity check of your global sales strategy and goals;
  • A critical review of current sales performance against an existing annual sales plan;
  • Detailed analysis of sales performance by division, team, team leader, team member, product and service group;
  • Appraisal of sales leadership and driving new business sales, with regard to accountability and responsibility;

We would follow up our findings with the necessary development including:

  • Leadership mentor and coaching;
  • Sales target setting; ensuring they are realistic, achievable and profitable;
  • Relevant Key Performance Indicators, including what to measure, when and how often, guaranteeing the right KPIs to meet your sales goals

Our reviews and analysis will provide you with unbiased and objective feedback, realistic recommendations and action points, as well as highlighting issues or pain-points. We aim to enhance your entire team performance; from client-facing personnel who carry a sales quota to those managing your processes, systems and customer support. We can offer comprehensive support with:

  • Maximising returns and profitability on key client accounts;
  • Providing competitor and market analysis;
  • Resource planning – hiring and retaining the right people to deliver your sales targets;
  • Marketing & Sales Collateral – refreshing your marketing and sales decks for maximum impact and ROI;
  • Partner, Vendor and Product portfolio – adding new vendors and partners with the right products and services for your firm. Getting more support for your teams from your channel partners;
  • Product and service bundling – making your key customers sticky.

We will work with you (on or off-site) to design, build and execute sales change across your business, including working with your key people and being sympathetic to their concerns and areas of responsibility.

  • What Does It Cost?

North Star offer sales advisory work on an ad hoc basis (as required) and we can work with you to timetable and deliver a larger project.

We can offer an inclusive management fee for the work, billable in stages – no hidden costs or nasty surprises. We are used to working with business owners and managers with an eye on bottom-line costs.

You can reach Kenny on 0131 557 0282 (DD) or 07743978179 (M) or you can email him at You’ll find a sympathetic ear with no hard sell.