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Joining A Technology Start-up

Everything you wanted to know about joining a technology Start-up or Early-stage firm but were too frightened to ask! Joining A Technology Start-up or Early-stage Firm It would have been too easy to use a Rolling Stones picture for this article. Read on and discover why I'm using USHC's finest's logo instead... (Husker Du if [...]

Joining A Technology Start-up 2019-01-30T12:10:55+00:00

The Hiring Manager’s Survival Guide To Working With Recruiters

The Hiring Manager's Survival Guide To Working With Recruiters I’m picking this up at the point where the decision to work with an external recruitment partner has already been made by your organisation. The purpose of this article is to help hiring managers get the best from their recruitment agency or external recruiter relationships. Recruitment [...]

The Hiring Manager’s Survival Guide To Working With Recruiters 2018-05-15T11:34:29+00:00

Vision Thing – Recruitment

Recruitment and the Vision Thing I had an InMail on LinkedIn regarding recruitment, suggesting the Dilbert cartoon post I made came across as a bit snippy: was there a point to it? Was it directed at someone in particular? It wasn’t. I found it funny and it reflected some of the recruitment conversations I’ve had this year. [...]

Vision Thing – Recruitment 2018-05-21T09:35:09+00:00